Oink Noona: Suzette Dessert & Coffee Bar, Esplanade Mall

"In the darkness before the dawn, leave a light, a light on."
Anyeong! It is finally the long Easter weekend. Woots! Surprisingly Noona did not work that late this week. Mostly because she did not feel well most of the days and heck, work can always wait (until the deadline looming in). By the way do you feel tired when you are working so hard and yet people still question you in a not so nice manner. Like seriously, if you want to ask so much, you may as well do the work yourself, no? Oh well apparently apart from being sick, Noona feels cranky this week too. Hahaha. Not an easy person to deal with, this Noona. 

After dealing with so many pests (uhm, people), Noona is super excited about weekend and last Saturday, she brought her friend to Suzette Dessert and Coffee Bar.

Oink Noona: Suzette, Esplanade Mall

Suzette Dessert and Coffee Bar is located at Esplanade Mall and when we met up with each other at City Hall MRT Station, both of us started to wonder what is the best way to go to Esplanade Mall. Turns out it has been years since the last time both of us go to Esplanade Mall. Up to the point that we are no longer familiar with the direction anymore. Initially we thought we can just go to Esplanade MRT Station but it is not really near to Esplanade Mall per se. Anyway, when we reached Suzette, we managed to secure an indoor table for two so all is good. =)

Food and drink menu from Suzette at Esplanade Mall

The cake display at Suzette seems to be very fascinating to be honest with you. More interesting than the brunch menu Noona has to say. So we decided to have the tea and cakes first and then having our dinner afterward. 

Cake display at Suzette, Esplanade Mall

Other than cakes, Suzette also has tarts which are displayed inside the chilled display. While the tarts look promising, we were more attracted to the cakes. 

Tarts display at Suzette, Esplanade Mall

If you would like to have picnic style basket instead, you can order "Picnics with Suzette" which consist of 2 brunch, 2 cakes, 2 coffees and 2 juices at SGD 60. Seems to be too much for us though since we would rather have our dinner somewhere else. 

Picnics with Suzette at Esplanade Mall

Noona was pretty confused on what to drink that day. She kinda wanted to drink coffee but then again she's worried that she would not be able to sleep afterwards. She decided to order Suzette Iced Tea (SGD 8) while her friend ordered Iced Matcha (SGD 7.50). The color of the Iced Matcha looks a bit pale compared to Starbucks' rendition of green tea latte but it tastes good. Not so sweet and not bitter either. 

Fruit tea and matcha latte from Suzette at Esplanade Mall

However, Noona is more curious on the unique rendition of Suzette Iced Tea which supposedly consists of sakura tea, passion fruit jelly and strawberry. The tea even has sakura petal inside it. Kinda makes you feel like you are going to Japan around this timing. Unfortunately that does not happen so yea...let's just enjoy our sweet time in humid Singapore. Hahaha. 

Sakura Iced Tea from Suzette at Esplanade Mall

After a few minutes of deliberation and coming back and forth to assess each and every single cake on the display, our cake of the day is gotta be Lychee Rosewater Cake (SGD 8). The cake tastes so different and while the butter feels light, we can taste the lychee inside the cake. Yummy~~~

Lychee Rosewater Cake from Suzette at Esplanade Mall

Suzette Dessert & Coffee Bar is located at: 

Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Avenue #01-13

Opening hours:

Tues - Thurs, Sun  3PM - 10.30PM
Friday, Saturday   3PM - 11.30PM
Closed on Monday

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