5D4N Melbourne Trip: Seven Seeds Speciality Coffee, Melbourne

Anyeong! Noona has finally decided to pick up the Melbourne's story post again after she has recovered some of the travel photos from travel buddy's google drive. Oh right, if you have not known yet, Noona has sadly lost most of her Australia's travel pictures together with the death of her beloved Macbook Pro. #mourning

After a few months (hmm was it that long?) of mourning period, she decided that it is time to move on (and probably it is time to buy new Macbook Pro since it looks so sleek and awesome but 2k SGD feels like a lot of money) and pick up the post again. Thankfully, travel buddy loves to show off her pictures on social media platform and hence, she did take picture of many things in Australia although not as many as Noona. Sadz.

To pick up the continuity of Melbourne trip post, Noona's gonna introduce you to Seven Seeds Speciality Coffee, the best cafe in Melbourne (based on Noona's personal rank of course).

5D4N Melbourne Trip: Seven Seeds, Melbourne

Seven Seeds is set up in a pretty industrial way (some hipster cafes in Singapore has started adopted this style too, Noona notices) to make the cafe looks like a warehouse and yet, it is a cafe. The cafe was crowded at 2 in the afternoon as it was Saturday. But, Noona and her travel buddy managed to get seats right opposite a couple. Noona has heard about the friendliness of Melbournian but to be honest she's quite surprised that the lady started talking to Noona and travel buddy. She was quite excited upon knowing that we flew from Singapore to Melbourne and start sharing about some of the popular cafes in town. Soon after, her oh-my-gawd-so-handsome boyfriend joined the table and Noona was grateful her Eggs Benedict has arrived on the right moment (otherwise, she would probably start drooling toward...non-food stuff, ahem). 

Eggs Benedict from Seven Seeds Melbourne

Huh? Right! The Eggs Benedict. The Eggs Benedict from Seven Seeds is served with a twist, the poached eggs are served on a toasted waffle. The hollandaise sauce is spot on and the whole dish taste so amazing in Noona's mouth, she started eating like the main lead of Let's Eat, Korean famous food drama. Ok, seriously, this dish is epic. 
Eggs Benedict Waffle from Seven Seeds Melbourne

On the other hand, travel buddy chose burger instead. Her burger also comes with a twist, it looks Western and yet pretty oriental like Thai or Vietnamese burger. She enjoyed her burger too although Noona personally thinks her Eggs Ben wins the dish of the day. #suddenlycompetitive

Chicken burger from Seven Seeds Melbourne

If you ever come to Seven Seeds, you must order their coffee. It will be a sin to visit Seven Seeds without ordering their coffee! It's a pity that Noona has lost her iced coffee picture and travel buddy too busy drinking her coffee without taking picture. But one thing that Noona remembers, her iced coffee comes with vanilla ice cream. Aarghhh #immediatecoffeeorgasm

Seven Seeds Speciality Coffee's address: 

106 - 114 Berkeley Street,
Carlton Victoria

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday - 7AM to 5PM
Sunday - 8AM to 5PM

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