5D4N Melbourne Trip: Wandering around Flinders Station

Flinders Station, once an iconic train station and now, one of the prominent landmarks in Melbourne city. Noona did not have the chance to board the train at Flinders Station though because apparently, tramming is the best way to commute in this hip city of Melbourne nowadays. But, a visit to Flinders Station is after all a must for first-time visitor to Melbourne. In addition, the beautiful Yarra river is situated directly behind this iconic train station so you have to walk past it in order to go to Southbank. 

5D4N Melbourne Trip: Wandering around Flinders Station

Flinders Station is huge and the train station is still bustling as ever. 

Flinders Street Railway Station Melbourne

Noona got hungry while adventuring and she stumbled upon a mouthwatering donuts store which happened to be crowded by customers too. Needless to say, she ended up having one, the glazed one nonetheless. She never regrets it. 

Donut store at Flinders Street Melbourne

Right, after tummy getting filled, let's get back to business (or holiday). Noona is actually looking for the bridge which goes to Southbank but this Flinders Station is so long, she could not see the end yet. 

Flinders Street Train Station at Melbourne Australia

Why did Noona try so hard to reach Southbank? Her next destination, the current tallest building in Australia, Eureka Tower is located at the other side of the river. Well, it may become the third tallest building in the nation soon though because the development of the two skyscrapers, 108 Skyscraper and Crown's Queensbridge Hotel Tower, are set to beat the record set up by Eureka Tower.

Eureka Tower in Melbourne Southbank

All three towers will be situated in Southbank. So yeah, if you are a skyscraper fan, you know where you have to go. XD (Kidding, Southbank also has fancy restaurants, cafe, etc).

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