5D4N Melbourne Trip: Exploring the Southbank

Southbank is a bustling waterfront hub in the city of Melbourne. The area is filled with restaurants, pubs, public arts and stylish retainers at both the right and left side of Yarra River. 

5D4N Melbourne Trip: Exploring the Southbank

Arts Centre Melbourne is one of the famous landmarks in Southbank. This is also Australia's largest and busiest performing art venues. The art centre has been house to many orchestra, dance performances and music concerts. On Sundays, it becomes the house of local crafts market. Restaurants are available inside the arts centre too to make sure visitors can enjoy their visit longer. 

Arts Centre Melbourne Southbank

Turns out the area beside Yarra River is a popular office district area as we could see a lot of office buildings around here.

Central Business District of Melbourne in Australia

After a few minutes of navigating her way with Google Maps, Noona has finally reached her next destination, Eureka Skydeck, which is currently the tallest building in Australia. 

Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne Southbank

Not sure why there are golden wasps there but the building sure does look pretty tall from down here. 

Eureka Tower in Melbourne Southbank Australia

You would need a ticket to access the observation deck of Eureka. The price list could be seen below. If the picture is not that clear, it costs AUD 19.50 for adults and AUD 11 for children aged 4 to 14 years.

Ticket Office for Observation Deck of Eureka Melbourne

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